Situation of prisons in Turkey

One of our first contacts with political and social organizations in Istanbul has been a meeting with several associations that deal with the issue of prison policy in Turkish prisons, both political prisoners and common prisoners, such as Human rights association, Human rights foundations of Turkey, Mazlumder (defense of the rights of the Islamic prisoners), […]

The torture centers of the dictatorship of Trujillo: the prison of “La 40”

The secret prison known as “La 40” was installed by the dictatorship in order to interrogate cruel tortures and kill opponents. Their activities were closely linked to the existence of the Military Intelligence Service (SIM), an intelligence organization organized in principle under the guidance of General Arturo Espaillat, a shadowy character they called “Nabajita” and […]

25 ‘electoral’ shots … and deadly

It is the echo of hate, the expansive wave of decades feeding it. ETA is no longer there, officially went out on May 4, 2018. That day announced its dissolution. Although the band no longer exists, some of its nostalgics seem to miss it. Some to vindicate it, others to raise it as a threat […]

Police Abuses appealed for unconstitutional by PP and C’s

the law, after its modifications in the articles approved on April 4, is now official after it has been published in the Official State Gazette and that the Official Gazette of the Basque Country did just over two weeks ago. The norm has been strongly questioned by a score of associations of victims of terrorism […]